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August Hakvaag (they/them) is a queer theatre artist currently based in Philadelphia, PA. They received a BA in Theatre, Concentration in Acting, and a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies from Temple University. They were a Princess Grace Fellowship Award semi-finalist, a Susan Smith Blackburn Prize nominee, and is a proud member of the Ring of Keys Collective. They have worked internationally as an actor, director, playwright, stage manager, and sound designer. Most recently, they have worked with 24 Hour Plays, Mad Cow Theatre, Gamiotics, Richmond Triangle Players, Theatre Exile, Tokyo International Players, and Aporia Artists Collective, of which they are a founding member. When they aren't immersed in theater, they're probably playing Dungeons and Dragons.

"A butch Greta Gerwig for the modern era" 
- Hannah Postlewait, Director, on Acute Exposure
Marble Surface


As I Was, Not As I Am has been selected in this year's Moxie Arts Incubation Lab, where it will be workshopped, read, and performed over the next six months. More details about the lab and production tickets here

“Because of her talents, she can offer an artistic experience in which the words are concrete, but open. Close to our lives, but moving out to new angles of reality. And maybe, just maybe, giving us a word. An experience. That can begin to speak to us in our exhausted coping…. And so we meet Alice Hakvaag, from Wellsboro in Tioga County, who has natural gifts, but who was given a great gift as well, by her family: a grounding in the power of words and stories and theatre, to help her make sense of life. And through her work in theatre, to help us try to make sense of life, and to try and help make life better, even in small ways." - Erica Funke for Art Scene on NPR



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