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As I Was, Not As I Am (2019)

"It’s remarkable how developed Alice’s playwright voice is in relation to her journey. This mature instinct for how to tell her stories mixed with youthful ‘fuck-it’ energy is exciting.... The final scenes of the play are so beautiful in their precision of character – Zarya flees, Melissa attacks, and steady Jeanine tries to hold on." -Meredith Bartmon

"This play dives deep into relationship (roommate) complexities. The dialogue is sharp and concise. It takes risks. The central character, Laurel, is a well-drawn figure. Very identifiable for many communities." - Mad Cow Theatre

Atrytone (2019)

"Atrytone... [a] worthwhile new work.... Playwright Alice Hakvaag has taken the curse of head pain and transformed it into a play with ATRYTONE, directed by Michael Stahler.... Sometimes, you really need a hammer." - Lisa Panzer

"Ultimately, her search to understand her pain, to find meaning in her pain, resulted in her finding language to describe her pain. Those metaphors turned into Atrytone…. Because this is an epic human struggle, that can sometimes be illuminated by turning to ancient stories, ancient myth, and that is what Alice does.” - Erica Funke

Acute Exposure (2020)

"A lovely story of human connection, perceived toxicity, and the things we bury. The stellar imagery manifests in neon markings that physically exhibit the transformational power of intimacy. Dell and Mara captured my heart and mind, and gave me hope for future generations. As Dell beautifully summarizes, "We shouldn’t fight against human nature to be curious and explore things, even if they might hurt us. We have to let the people of the future be loud, and trust them to understand." - Anne Mason

Caren Bermudez as Jeanine, Boris Dansberry as Melissa, Lorenza Bernasconi as Laurel, and Kimie Muroya as Zarya in As I Was, Not As I Am. Dir. Julianne Schaub. Screenshot.

Kayla Cleary as Az in Atrytone. Dir. by Michael Stahler. Photo by Alice Hakvaag.

Kimie Muroya as Zarya, Boris Dansberry as Melissa, and Lorenza Bernasconi as Laurel in As I Was, Not As I Am. Dir. Julianne Schaub. Screenshot.

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